Hardscaping - Foundation of landscaping

Hardscaping as the name suggests involves the use of materials to build strong inanimate structures that are intended to stay for years. Hardscape provides a solid foundation for the implementation of softscaping in an outdoor living space.

Hardscaping not only adds to the beauty of the place but also makes the place more liveable by leveling the topography of the place, building strong base with finishes, where it can be used for jogging, walking, sitting and enjoying the landscape, reflexology paths for treatments etc…

Our work with hardscape involves a lot of design elements including

  •   Walkways
  •   Rocks
  •   Retaining walls
  •   Arbors and Gates
  •   Decks
  •   Driveways
  •   Gravel paths

    Granite, Pavers, concrete, walkways with stamp impression concrete, grit finishes, and Kerbs constitute a major part of the materials we use for hardscaping. We use materials of high quality for hardscaping. For instance, Sira granite with 3line dressing Sadarahalli, and cobble stone have been used to achieve a rustic waterbody in many of our projects.

    We are quite experienced in road work that includes brush concrete, impression concrete, asphalt work, and more. It is advisable to hire a professional to do the hardscaping work to get the best out of your Living space.