Nesara Creationss adds life to your space through planting a lawn, flower beds, trees and shrubs based on the design. These are just some of our services offered under softscaping. We work with the customers closely to ensure their vision comes to life.

The purpose of landscaping is to enrich your outdoor living space with the implementation of horticultural elements. There are 5 types of softscape works that we offer:

  •   Formal
  •   Informal
  •   Mughal garden
  •   Japanese garden
  •   European garden

Our Softscaping work:

  •    One of our best yet challenging work was the terrace gardening at the TATA PROMONT site. Located 60 meters above the ground, it surely is pleasing to the eye.
  •   Another one of our notable works is the alluring lawn and shrubs at the TGA site.
  •   We use a variety of indoor plants. Philodendrons, aglonemas, Ficus etc., are the most popular indoor plants that look the best.
  •   Pendanus, heliconias, Acalyphas, Plumbago, palms, chaemodoras etc are some of the shrubs we use in most of our projects.
  •   Tree transplantation is one of the Softscaping services we offer. Nesara Creationss was responsible for the transplantation of date palms that has been planted and has flourished amazingly. Jackranda, Pongamia Glabra, Bottle brush, Cassia fisteala, coconut trees, Ashoka tree, cycas revoluta, Royal palm are some of the trees we have used in our work so far.
  •   We use a variety of ground cover plants that adds to the beauty of the outdoor space. Cuphias Russellia, Clerodendron , Althernara , Peperomia ,Lantanas are some of the most sought after ground cover plants to beautify the environment.

Our staff is extremely knowledgeable and accommodative to any changes the client might require, without compromising the design intent. From the start of the project till the completion of the landscape, our staff will be on site to ensure that everything goes perfectly without a hitch. Below are few photos showing our softscape works.